Friday, August 8, 2008


We have 23 states represented, 50+ members and growing with some emails I got I need to expand beyond the USA so I am working on that as well.
Hang in there everyone!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yeikes! Bruce is in town!

Bruce Mayhill is in town this weekend, shooting 2 weddings this weekend and we are all doing a photo shoot on Sunday with me Shawn and a host of others, just to have some fun. If you want to shoot, come along it is free. We are going to start at the Stoney Creek Inn in Moline Illinois at 1pm.

Something to think about

There could be situations such as the one that transpired in the Boston area recently. In that incident, a wedding photographer totally disappeared, leaving her clients without their pictures. An attorney for one of the clients began to pursue the second shooter for photos, who felt it necessary to hire his own attorney after the client mentioned possible liability. He ended up drafting an agreement with the client that released him of any and all liability in exchange for providing her with a disk of images (after waiting an appropriate time for the primary photographer to respond). He now plans on having a specific second shooter release of liability agreement drafted up for any future assisting gigs.